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Project-related events.

First Workshop on Assurances for Self-Adaptive Systems (ASAS 2011) @ ESEC/FSE 2011

September 4-6, 2011. Szeged (Hungary)

 Until recently, repairing faults, or performing upgrades on software systems have been activities performed by human operators. However, both the increasing complexity of systems and the growing uncertainty in their operational environments have created a critical need to develop systems able to improve their operation, adapt to change, and recover from failures autonomously. This situation has led to recent advances in self-adaptive systems able to reconfigure their structure and modify their behaviour at run-time to adapt to environmental changes.

Despite these advances, one key aspect of self-adaptive systems that remains to be tackled in depth is assurances: that is, providing evidence that systems satisfy their set of stated functional and extra-functional properties during operation. Developing high-assurance, self-adaptive systems is difficult because they tend to be highly context-dependent, and this fact introduces a high degree of uncertainty.  ASAS is a one-day workshop that will bring together researchers to discuss software engineering aspects of self-adaptive systems, including methods, architectures, languages, algorithms, techniques, and tools that can be used to support assurances in self-adaptive system development.

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